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photoKandy Studios LLC was formed in 2009, and has since been operating as a photography and IT Consulting business. I'm a passionate creator, and so have my hands in graphic design, desktop and mobile application design, web design, photography, and music. I also like to write a lot. More about me...

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Kerri Shotts

I've been working with technology for most of my life, starting at an early age on a Commdore 64. I still fondly remember the beige computer with slow floppy disk drive and learning BASIC from the manual. I love to develop apps (mobile and desktop), and to help others do the same. I am an avid photographer, and can be found out and about making pictures of just about anything. I'm also an IT Consultant, working with websites and databases. I've written two books about mobile app development, and I'm active on various social networks — some more than others.

Personally, I love to work with my fresh-water aquariums. I have two: a 37 gallon aquarium and a 20 gallon aquarium. Favorite fish include Bettas, Platys, Pictus, Plecos, and Catfish. I also enjoy performing and composing music. My favorite instrument is the piano.

I like to write about various subjects, so be sure to check out the blogs.

If you'd like to inquire about consulting work, or anything in general, contact me.


I love making apps for both the mobile and desktop environments. I've created mobile apps using Objective C + Xcode for iPhone/iPad apps, and I've also used PhoneGap/Cordova for multi-platform mobile apps. On the desktop, I can create website applications using a variety of technologies, including MySQL, Oracle, PHP, and more. I'd be happy to work up a quote for your app.

Greek Interlinear Bible

This app is designed to allow the reader to study the New Testament in the original Greek. It features custom typography used to layout the Greek words above the Greek morphology and Strong's Indexes. It uses SQLite3 as the backend database in order to store the user's highlights, notes, and settings. The app is available on the Apple iTunes App Store. More information...

Enterprise SOAP App

I recently created a mobile app using PhoneGap/Cordova to interface with SOAP web services for a client. I'm not at liberty to dicuss the app, but works across iPad, iPhone, and Android and appears nearly native on all three devices. The app had to do charting, take pictures, and store information to the server.


I'd be happy to assist with your consulting needs in any of the following areas. Just drop me a line, and we'll go from there.

Current Hourly Rate: $100/hr



Enterprise Software



Photography is in my blood, and you'll often find me out and about making pictures of just about anything, whether it be a gorgeous landscape or a rusted object sitting in the middle of nowhere. If you'd like me to photography your event, let me know and I'll get back to you with a quote.

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I love Graphic Design, be it logos, icons, websites, and anything else.


Some logo samples I've worked on. Prices for a logo start at $150. Interested? Contact me.

Smugmug Custom Sites

A sampling of our design themes. Prices for a customization start at $250. Interested? Contact me.

Books I've Written

PhoneGap 2 Mobile Application Development Hotshot

This book will guide you through using PhoneGap/Cordova to create ten mobile apps that work on Android and iOS. The book covers localization, social media, using the device's camera to capture images and video, working with persistent storage, using the accelerometer, and more. Along the way, you'll be introduced to installing and creating native plugins for when you need just a little more access to the device, or if you need to use native controls. More Information...

Instant PhoneGap Social App Development

This is a short project that builds a simple Twitter-based app using PhoneGap. In it, you'll work with Twitter's feed via JSON, install a native plugin, and share content using Twitter's Web Intents. All along the way, you'll be building a cross-platform mobile application that will feel at home on iOS and Android platforms. More Information...

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One blog is never enough, or so it seems.

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I'm on several social networks, some more active than others. Follow me if you like!

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