Updated Info on Mastering PhoneGap Book

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I just wanted to let you know that, as of this writing, the information on Packt’s website for my new book, Mastering PhoneGap Mobile Application Development is partially incorrect. Instead, please refer to this site’s listing for the book.

I’ve contacted Packt, and I’m sure the information will be corrected soon; I just wanted to let anyone who may have pre-oredered the book to know, since it could potentially change their decision (although I’d be surprised if it did).

The following points as listed on Packt’s page which are incorrect are as follows:

  • “Create your own PhoneGap plugins for your unique use cases”

  • Add in-app purchasing to your app

Instead, these points have been replaced with the following:

  • Create accessible hybrid applications

  • Identify and fix performance issues

I wanted to be up-front in case that changed anyone’s mind. I hope no one is too disappointed in the changes — the book evolved quite a bit from start to finish, and it’s been a challenge to keep everything together!

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