Interesting Link Dump #1

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There are a lot of very cool things floating around online, especially with regard to mobile application development and the like. I don’t have the time (or the words) to write a post about every single cool thing I see, but I wanted to list some of the things that I discovered online that were interesting to me. And with luck, you might find some of it useful as well. Note that not everything will be programming or technology related, but I’ll try to group things a little. With luck, this might be a weekly thing.

Mobile Application Development

  • liriliri/eruda: Console for mobile JavaScript — this looks really pretty nice. I haven’t tried integrating it in a project yet, but it’s on my to-do list.

  • Want to integrate your app screenshots into photographs without paying an arm and a leg? Try MagicMockups. It’s free, free, free. Although if you get use out of the site, you might want to donate.

  • Lately I’ve been thinking about how to get a really small development environment that still works great for Cordova. I ran across How to install a blazing fast Android development environment a few days ago, and it might be worth a look at. It doesn’t deal with Cordova specifically, but does deal with Android on a small Linux distro. Might be useful.


  • Paper.js looks simply awesome. I’ve been considering it for a future project — one that would require path simplification. And guess what — there’s a really simple way to do that with the library: Path simplification


  • So recently Digital Ocean experienced a DNS failure which took down a few sites. Chances are good your sites and apps depend upon a lot of hosted services. You don’t have to keep up with their status pages manually — you can do it automatically with Status Gator. They have a free plan that monitors five services with status pages.




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