Mastering PhoneGap Interactive Snippets

Mastering PhoneGap Interactive Snippets

I wanted to try something new with my recently published book Mastering PhoneGap Mobile Application Development. I wanted to include some interactive snippets that you could play around with and modify to see what happened. The snippets themselves will work in any WebKit-based browser, and transpile ES6 to ES5 and Sassy CSS to CSS3. Of course, the interactive environment doesn’t provide a PhoneGap environment, but here’s the thing: an awful lot of PhoneGap stuff works just fine in a regular browser. A lot doesn’t, of course (a lot of plugins fall into this arena), but mastering PhoneGap isn’t simply about mastering plugins: it’s about mastering the environment, which happens to include JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

I was able to generate snippets for most of the chapters in the book, amazingly enough. The latter chapters aren’t present, but these were specific to launch screens and publishing apps and the like, which don’t lend themselves well to snippets in the first place. Otherwise, out of twelve chapters, nine have some representation in the interactive snippet environment.

In a way, the environment is a lot like JSBin or similar, although your changes aren’t saved anywhere. It’s just for experimentation purposes. You can also use it to get a feel for ES6 and Sassy CSS as well, which feature heavily in the book. There is a version distributed in the code package for the book that runs locally, but for those who didn’t want to worry about that, I wanted to have an online environment available as well.

Enjoy, and if you do run into any problems, let me know.

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