Presenting at PhoneGap Day EU 2016!

Presenting at PhoneGap Day EU 2016!

I’m going to be giving a presentation at PhoneGap Day EU 2016 in Amsterdam in a few weeks! I was honored and floored when I was asked, and now I’m sooooooooo excited, it’s not even funny.

You can learn more about PG Day EU via PhoneGap’s blog post, and you can see the speakers, full schedule, and even register at the PhoneGap Day EU 2016 site.

Picture by YankoPayanko (
Picture by YankoPayanko

My presentation will be entitled “Common PhoneGap Gotchas”, and will focus on the various pitfalls and quirks you should avoid so that your users have a happy experience when using your app. Here’s a few highlights to whet your appetite:

  • You’ll get to see a picture of the family cat
  • Tips that can reduce your development stress and save your precious brain cells!
  • Common persistent storage options
  • Quick security crash course
  • Quick UX tips to improve your user’s experience

The presentation is scheduled 35 minutes, so things will be at a high level. I might even start talking in binary at some point… Never fear though, the slides will be available for download for closer scrutiny after the presentation, and there are lots of links that you can follow to delve deeper into the various subjects I’ll talk about. All of the info I present is based on my own personal experience developing apps for my books and for my clients.

I’m totally excited and can’t wait for PG Day EU, which is scheduled for May 19 and 20th. My session is currently scheduled for 9:15 in the morning on the 20th, which will probably mean I’ll be on my third or fourth coffee… one of these days I wish someone would invent a caffeine IV drip!

I hope you’ll be able to attend — and if you are, perhaps we’ll get to chat a bit. If not, the session is going to be recorded, and the slides will be made available.

Oh, and thanks go to Jen Gray and Michael Brooks for reaching out to me about the opportunity! I’m figuratively bouncing off the walls with excitement. (Okay… sometimes I literally bounce off the walls, but that’s on accident. And it usually hurts!)

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