Interesting Links #11


  • iOS 10 beta 2 was released a few days ago, and public beta just started. More info

Web Development

Computer History

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio Code 1.3 is out now! It brings tabbed editors, a new extension browser, debugging improvements and more. Go get!

  • Want to use C# or F# on your iPad? Now you can, with Continuous. It’s amazingly good. And fast, too. I hope Apple takes some notes, because Swift Playgrounds can be annoyingly slow sometimes when compiling even simple playgrounds.


And finally…

Note: Content/Trigger Warning.

There has been a lot going on in the States over the last few days, starting with the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police, and then someone who I shan’t name decides to take it upon themselves to shoot twelve police in Dallas, killing five. Last I saw, two civilians were also injured. (These numbers may have changed since I saw the news.)

My heart weeps and is broken for the victims of all the shootings, their friends and families, and everyone involved in and affected by these tragedies. Death is so final — losing a life should give us all pause. Sadly, this is happening all too often in my country and in our world.

We’ve got to fix all of this, somehow. I don’t have the answers, unfortunately. I don’t think violence or revenge is the answer, but it’s hard to come up with options that don’t seem naive or trite somehow. Whatever the solutions, we’ve got to redouble our efforts so that in the future we don’t see families being torn apart by actions such as these.

I don’t know; days like these remind me that life is fleeting and that we should treasure those around us even more because we never know when our existence might come to an end. It just seems there’s truly got to be a better way so that these things don’t have to keep happening.

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