Interesting Links #12

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Wow – well, it’s been a while since my last post! Sheesh.

I wanted to let you know about some things on the horizon before getting to the links:

  • I am in the process of creating some instructional videos about PhoneGap! Much learning is going on when it comes to screen and audio recording, that’s for sure. More news coming soon.

  • I’ve created a Patreon account should you ever feel the urge to support my work.

Must-have apps

So I blew away my development environment a few weeks ago, since the environment was acting a bit funky. In the process of restoring a working development environment, here are some apps I’ve discovered I simply must have installed:

  • Homebrew — package manager for macOS. Oh, and it just hit 1.0.0!
  • Redshift — an open-source app akin to F.lux. I love F.lux, but I have never liked the opaque BLOB that one ends up installing. This can be installed via brew install redshift and supplying an appropriate configuration file. Discovered via
  • Neovim — Best VIM ever.
  • Visual Studio Code — I’m in love with this editor. Who knew a web-based editor could be this good?
  • nvm — Perhaps not only the way to manage Node.js installations, but my fav.
  • Node.js — Critical for my work building mobile hybrid apps.
  • Cordova — Tool of choice when building mobile hybrid apps.
  • Java — I don’t like Java that much, but it’s a requirement for two things: compiling apps against Android, and Minecraft. I think I’ll survive.
  • OmniGraffle — I absolutely adore this diagramming tool. Similar to Microsoft Visio, but on macOS. Version 7 is in public testing.
  • PeakHour 3 — My bandwidth is far from the greatest, and this lets me keep a close eye on the amounts of traffic crossing over my routers.
  • RadarScope — Best. Radar. App. Ever. I use this to track bad weather in my vicinity all the time.
  • TextWrangler — When I need a text editor that’s more than TextEdit and less than VSC, this gets my vote.
  • Camtasia 2 — Indispensable for engaging screen recordings.
  • Microsoft Office — Necessary when you’ve got clients that use Office as well. But you know what? It’s pretty good on macOS.
  • 1Password — Certainly not the cheapest password manager out there, but my personal favorite.
  • iTerm — Best terminal on macOS.
  • FruitJuice — Painless battery life management.
  • DaisyDisk — Absolutely gorgeous disk space manager.
  • Slack — A must for remote team communication.
  • Karabiner and Seil — If you ever need to remap your keyboard or change what CAPS LOCK does, you must have these two utilities. I don’t change a lot on my keyboard, but the features I do use make typing so much nicer. Just don’t update to macOS Sierra yet, or these break. Work is progressing on, which will support macOS Sierra.



  • TypeScript just released 2.0. If you haven’t checked it out, you should!

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