Presenting at PhoneGap Day EU 2017

Presenting at PhoneGap Day EU 2017

In case you haven’t heard, PhoneGap Day EU 2017 in Amsterdam will be running May 18 and 19, and there’s going to be lots of great content and workshops. Thanks to the PhoneGap team, I’ll be presenting again this year, and will also be part of a workshop on plugins. I hope to see you all there!

Oh, you want a sneak peek? Well, OK then:

Modern JavaScript and PhoneGap
“Modern JavaScript and PhoneGap”

Presentation description (from the PG Day website):

JavaScript is changing with new versions of the standard now releasing every year, and lots of proposals being considered for inclusion. Most mobile devices can only support this new world with the help of automation, module loaders and bundlers, and transpilers… but if all of those words sound a little scary, don’t worry — it’s easy to build a workflow that integrates modern JavaScript and PhoneGap together, and in this session we’ll show you how!

Fantastic Plugins and How to Make Them
“Fantastic Plugins and How to Make Them”

Workshop description: In this deep-dive workshop we’ll cover all the requirements of making great plugins, from conception to testing to publishing. We will also share some useful tips and tricks and demonstrate some interesting uses for plugins you may not have thought of. Come ready to build!

If you want to see the rest — not to mention the other fantastic workshops and presentations — you need to go get yourself some tickets!

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