Interesting Links #18

PhoneGap / Cordova

Web / Hybrid Life

  • Scrolling on the web: A primer is an excellent article proving that scrolling is rarely simple. Side note: please don’t hijack the native scrolling of the browser! It’s really infuriating!

  • Important changes to setTimeout and setInterval are coming in Firefox 52. Via FrontEnd Focus.

  • In debugging some code that makes heavy use of TypedArrays, I was seeing some abysmal performance out of Chrome — especially with bulk operations (like fill or copy). Turns out there’s a good reason for that: Most of the builtins are apparently still written in JavaScript. Based on the activity on the issue, it looks like things will be improving soon, though. Worth noting if you’re doing a lot of work on bitmap editing or audio waveforms.

Visual Studio Code

Well, this is really cool. The people behind Wallaby.js have released Quokka.js, which integrates nicely with Visual Studio Code. It works wonderfully as a scratchpad, which lets you test your JavaScript code out and see results in real-time. Very cool.

Oh, and it’s free! Go get!


  • This static CMS looks interesting: Lektor, although I so wish they didn’t promote installing by piping to sh! :-(

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