Your privacy is incredibly important to us. Please read the following carefully to better understand what we do and do not collect, and what we do with that information.

Information Collected

As a website, any access by your browser is stored within our logs. This includes potentially identifying information, including your IP Address. We do not, however, receive any sensitive information like social security numbers or credit card numbers. Information stored is used for analytical purposes only.

If you comment on our website, any information you reveal is also stored. This includes your name, email address, website, and the information present within your comment. If you use a social account, like Twitter, we may also receive that information.

What We Don’t Collect

We don’t collect any sensitive information such as social security numbers or credit card numbers. We don’t want that information, either — it’s too risky!

We’ll Never Sell It

The information that we collect is for our own analytical and website-rendering purposes only. We’ll never sell or give it away to anyone else. Ever. No matter the price. Period. So don’t ask for it!