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PhoneGap is a useful and flexible tool that enables you to create complex hybrid applications for mobile platforms. In addition to the core technology, there is a large and vibrant community that creates third-party plugins that can take your app to the next level.

This book will guide you through the process of creating a complex data-driven hybrid mobile application using PhoneGap, web technologies, and third-party plugins.

A good foundation is critical, so you will learn how to create a useful workflow to make development easier. From there, the next version of JavaScript (ES6) and a CSS pre-processor (SASS) are introduced as a way to simplify creating the look of the mobile application. Responsive design techniques are also covered, including the flexbox layout module. As many apps are data-driven, you’ll build an application throughout the course of the book that relies upon IndexedDB and SQLite. You’ll also download more content from external servers. When the app is complete, the book will guide you through the steps necessary to submit your app to the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

What You Will Learn

  • Construct build workflows that simplify complex application development
  • Integrate the next version of JavaScript to simplify your code
  • Create accessible hybrid applications
  • Automate code and user-interface testing
  • Persist and query data using third-party database plugins
  • Download and upload files to external servers
  • Identify and fix performance issues
  • Create icons and splash screens suitable for submission to app stores
  • Publish your app to the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores

Interactive Snippet Playground

This book comes with an interactive snippet playground you can run on your own machine. If, however, you’d like to browse the snippets online, you can try the online snippet playground. Keep in mind that the chapters seven and higher will probably require Google Chrome. More information about the playground…

About the Author

Kerri Shotts
Kerri Shotts
Kerri Shotts has worked with computers for nearly twenty-four years. Her love for technology and programming started when she was introduced to her first computer: a Commodore 64. She obtained a degree in Computer Science, and moved on to become a Software Test Engineer. Afterwards, she became an Oracle Database Administrator for several years. Now she works as a Technology Consultant creating, designing, and maintaining custom applications (both desktop and mobile), websites, graphics and logos, and more for her clients. You can find her blog posts at her website (http://www.photokandy.com) and she is active on the Google Group for PhoneGap. When she isn’t working, she enjoys photography, music, and fish-keeping. She is the author of four earlier books published by Packt.