This book is a the first edition of my current book, PhoneGap 3.x Mobile Application Development Hotshot. This book, however, is written for PhoneGap 2.x, and as such, it is out-of-date.

The book explores several important topics, including localization and globalization, persistent storage, audio recording and playback, video recording and playback, image capture, GPS, the accelerometer, and much, much more. To explore these topics, the book guides you through the development of several apps, including productivity apps, a social networking app, and a couple of games.

Build Fully Functional Apps

Build ten fully functional applications that demonstrate the various features discussed in the book. Each app is cross-platform, supporting iOS and Android.

Explore Useful Technologies

  • Ensure your apps are ready for the international stage by localizing content.
  • Formatting numbers, dates, and currency is no easy thing: jQuery/Globalize to the rescue.
  • localStorage isn’t always the best place to store data; the File API lets us store important user data to persistent storage.
  • Play audio files and record from the microphone using the Media API.
  • Take pictures from the camera, and load data from the user’s picture gallery using the Camera API.
  • Record video by using the Media Capture API and play video using the HTML5 video tag.
  • Share content using Email, Facebook, and Twitter using a third-party plugin.
  • Build apps that handle small and large screens as well as changes in orientation using responsive design.
  • Load Google Maps using RequireJS and display an interactive map with markers and polylines.
  • Access the device’s current location and get notified when it changes using the Geolocation API.
  • Create performant games using the HTML5 canvas to achieve high frames-per-second.
  • Respond to the device’s orientation in three-dimensional space using the Accelerometer.
  • Add native controls using a third-party plugin.

About the Author

Kerri Shotts
Kerri Shotts
Kerri Shotts has worked with computers for nearly 24 years. Her love for technology and programming started when she was introduced to her first computer: a Commodore 64. She obtained a degree in Computer Science and went on to become a software test engineer. After that, she was an Oracle database administrator for several years. Now, she works as a Technology Consultant creating, implementing, and maintaining custom applications (both desktop and mobile), websites, graphics and logos, and much more for her clients. You can find her blog posts at her website (, and she is active on the Google Group for PhoneGap. When she isn’t working, she enjoys photography, music, and fish keeping. She is the author of two other books, Instant PhoneGap Social App Development and PhoneGap 2.x Mobile Applicati on Development Hotshot, both published by Packt Publishing.